Invisible Children

Nubia and Victor Barahona

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.

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After abuse reports were lodged by teachers, Nubia and Victor Barahona, twins who had been adopted by Jorge and Carmen Barahona, were withdrawn from their Florida school by their parents, who told officials that they were going to homeschool the children. In the months that followed, Jorge and Carmen systematically and horrifically tortured the children, sometimes tying them up and leaving them for days on end. Only ten years old, Nubia was found bludgeoned to death. Her brother Victor barely survived a chemical dousing.

Date: February 14, 2011
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Documents: Date:
Body found inside pest control truck; foster boy, man injured 2011-02-14
Police: Father says body in truck is his daughter’s 2011-02-16
Affidavit: Barahona 2011-02-16
Police: father confesses to trying to kill son and himself 2011-02-16
Florida Department of Children and Families report on Nubia Doctor 2011-02-16
Judge shows outrage at DCF’s handling of abuse call in Barahona case 2011-02-16
Doctor Says Fla. Boy’s Acid Burns Worsening 2011-02-16
Fla. girl dead in toxic truck; brother burned 2011-02-16
State may have missed chance to save girl found dead in truck 2011-02-16
DCF says mother may be charged in toxic truck case 2011-02-17
Abuse clues in Fla. twins case put spotlight on child services 2011-02-17
Dad found with adopted girl’s body in truck tries to injure himself in jail, taken to hospital 2011-02-17
$1 Million Bond Set for Jorge Barahona Accused of Burning Son with Acid 2011-02-17
Miami man denies trying to murder adopted son found burned 2011-02-18
Abuse clues in Fla. twins case put spotlight on child services 2011-02-18
Police called to Barahona home 16 times since 1996 2011-02-18
Couple under scrutiny fought to adopt twins 2011-02-18
Father charged with attempted murder in injuries to adoptive son 2011-02-18
Macabre child abuse scandal: Girl, 6, in dad’s protective custody 2011-02-19
Fla. boy doused in chemicals in better condition 2011-02-19
Court-Appointed Guardian Tried To Stop Twins’ Adoption 2011-02-20
Fla. pair fought to adopt girl found dead 2011-02-20
DCF Reports: Barahona Investigator Mishandled Other Cases 2011-02-24
Group begins review of how system failed Nubia 2011-02-25
Panel hears chilling tales from Nubia’s short life 2011-02-28
Days before body was found, abuse hotline caller warned kids were in danger 2011-03-02
Carmen Barahona, charged with murder, appears in Miami-Dade court 2011-03-03
Mom charged with killing daughter Nubia Barahona 2011-03-05
Jorge and Carmen Barahona’s Alleged Beating Death of Daughter Called ‘Subhuman’ 2011-03-07
Déjà vu over child deaths in Florida 2011-03-26
Adoptive father of slain girl: She tried to poison me 2011-05-25
Judge Considers Sealing Evidence In Barahona Trial 2011-05-25
Court Documents Reveal Details In Barahona Case 2011-05-26
DCF head outlines changes to safeguard children 2011-08-02
New Documents Paint Picture Of More Horror For Barahona Twins 2012-02-06
Surviving Barahona twin alleges months of torture at hands of adoptive father 2012-02-06
Boy in Barahona Case “Very Close to Dying” a Few Times: Caretaker 2012-02-07