6 Grandchildren of Gordon Winrod


In 1995 and 1996, Gordon Winrod, a antisemitic Christian Identity leader, kidnapped six of his grandchildren and held them on his extensive compound. The children did not go to school during this time, or leave the compound; instead, they were homeschooled by a relative. In 2000, police finally broke into the compound and freed the children, who were then aged 9 through 16.

Date: May 2000
Location: Gainesville, Missouri

Documents: Date:
Children end four-day standoff 2000-05-21
Report: Grandchildren were hidden four years 2000-05-22
Leader of Anti-Semitic church walks out of his kidnapping trial 2001-01-30
Jury convicts pastor of conducting grandkids 2001-02-01
Winrod sentenced to 30 years in prison 2001-03-20
Supremacist gets prison term 2001-03-20
Lawyer Wants New Trial for Preacher 2002-01-15
Court Upholds Preacher Conviction 2002-01-18
Kidnapper’s Farm To Be Sold 2003-06-16