Invisible Children

Brian Edgar and 2 Siblings

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.

Brian Edgar

Brian Edgar, aged 9 years, died of asphyxiation after a sock was put in his mouth and he was covered from head to toe in duct tape as a punishment for stealing cookies. Doctors found that the boy had been bound extremely tightly around the chest and that he had vomited after being bound. Brian’s parents, Neil and Christy Edgar, who served as leaders of God’s Creation Outreach Ministry, had adopted him two years before. An autopsy revealed that the boy had been dead for several hours before being brought to the hospital, and that wounds on his wrists and ankles suggested he had been bound with a rope in the past. Neil and Christy Edgar and babysitter Chastity Boyd were each sentenced to life in prison, convicted of the first degree murder of Brian and abuse of two other adopted children. It was reported that Christy Edgar, who refers to herself as a prophet, claimed that God told her to tie up her children as a method of punishment. The family homeschooled.

Date: December 31, 2002
Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Documents: Date:
Church leaders charged in death; Abuse killed son, prosecutors think 2003-01-01
Church leaders make court appearance in child-abuse murder case 2003-01-02
KCK church members support parents charged in boy’s death 2003-01-02
Authorities search Overland Park house in Edgar investigation 2003-01-03
Pastors charged in death of son appear in court 2003-01-03
‘He was a very loving little guy’; Third person charged in death of KCK boy, 9 2003-01-03
Services held for boy who died of abuse 2003-01-10
Edgars, baby sitter charged in Johnson County 2003-01-10
Case against parents, baby sitter of Brian Edgar moves to Johnson County 2003-01-11
Seven charged with child abuse in Edgar case 2003-01-16
Bond reduced for couple accused of abusing, killing son 2003-01-18
Edgars’ finances, taxes are scrutinized 2003-01-19
Judge increase Edgars’ bonds to $1 million 2003-01-21
Judge Declines To Lower Bond In Boy’s Death 2003-01-24
Church members wanted in abuse case turn themselves in 2003-01-27
Prosecutors present evidence in Brian Edgar’s death 2003-04-17
Two defendants to seek separate trials in Edgar case 2003-04-18
Three charged with hogtying, killing boy are bound over for trial 2003-04-18
Christy Edgar requests separate trial in death of 9-year-old son 2003-04-26
June trial date set in Edgar case 2003-04-30
Prosecutors oppose separate trials in death of 9-year-old 2003-04-30
Parents, baby sitter of Brian Edgar to be tried together 2003-05-05
Lawyers Argue About Evidence in Edgar Case 2003-07-24
Five women from church ordered to stand trial on child-abuse charges 2003-07-30
Kansas woman pleads guilty in adopted son’s death 2003-09-18
Father told police he tied, gagged son before child died 2003-09-19
Edgar children refused to implicate parents 2003-09-20
Testimony: Mother said God directed children’s punishment 2003-09-23
Victim’s siblings testify in Edgar trial 2003-09-23
Father begins testimony in Edgar murder trial 2003-09-24
Former member of Edgars’ church testifies she saw all three children bound 2003-09-24
Father, Sitter Guilty in Boy’s Murder 2003-09-25
‘You must love discipline,’ Edgar children were taught 2003-09-27
No Contest Plea in Kansas Church Abuse 2003-11-14
Church members sentenced on abuse charges 2004-01-07
Woman Gets Life in Prison for Son’s Death 2004-01-21
Church member sentenced 2004-02-06
Kansas man loses appeal for new trial in death of 9-year-old son 2012-07-27