Daughter of Alan and Aimee Friz

A 14-year-old girl was imprisoned, starved, and sexually abused by her adoptive parents, Alan and Aimee Friz (pictured). The girl and her siblings were homeschooled.

The girl and one of her siblings were adopted from the Ukraine; the Frizes later had eight additional biological children and Aimee Friz was pregnant when she was arrested. Alan Friz was a dentist and the Frizes were “respected and well-loved” members of Covenant Reformed Church in Evansville, Indiana; according to their minister they had “a very definite 19th century value system”. The girl allegedly had developmental disabilities, although the Frizes “diagnosed her online without ever seeking the advice of a doctor”. Beginning at least a year before his arrest, Alan Friz sexually molested the girl, apparently with the knowledge of Aimee Friz. In September 2017, after the girl allegedly made threats of violence against Aimee, the Frizes began locking the girl in a closet at night without access to food, water, or bathroom facilities. The closet “was fastened with a padlock and chain” and had a sign labeling it as the girl’s “cage”.

The abuse came to light after the girl and her grandfather got into an altercation and the police were called. The girl reported the abuse during a subsequent interview with child services and Alan Friz was immediately arrested. Aimee Friz fled the state with her children but was arrested shortly thereafter. The Frizes’ boarder Kenneth Le Fevre was also arrested. The Frizes were charged with criminal confinement, neglect, and sexual misconduct.

Date: October 4, 2017
Huntingburg, Indiana


Documents: Date:
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