During the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools have closed, and cases of child abuse investigated by social services agencies have plummeted, likely because they are not being reported.

Schools serve an important role in our child abuse prevention systems. School closures prevent teachers from observing children for signs of child maltreatment; social isolation is associated with increased risk of child fatality; and loss of income or concern about health creates an additional level of stress on families.

Most children at home due to school closures are still enrolled in school. However, there are commonalities between concerns for these students today and concerns for children who are homeschooled, as outlined in this white paper jointly authored by the Coalition for Responsible Home Education and the Center for Child Policy: School-Age Child Isolation and Abuse: Children at Home Due to COVID-19.

On this page, we will catalog cases of abuse and neglect of children who are being educated at home due to pandemic-related school closures.


Boy by Esmeralda Lira and Jose Balderas

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