Akron Beacon Journal Homeschool Series

In November 2004, Dennis J. Willard and Doug Oplinger of the Akron Beacon Journal published a 7-part series on homeschooling which included an investigation of child abuse and abduction shielded by homeschooling. At the time, this series represented some of the most thorough investigative journalism written homeschooling.

Part 1: Home Schoolers’ Motivations Are Diverse; Their Teaching Styles Vary

Part 2: Claims of Academic Success Rely on Anecdotes, Flawed Data Analysis

Part 3: Parents Want to Control Influences; Critics See Need for Wide Exposure

Part 4: Home Schoolers May Be No Safer in Their Homes Than Other Children

Part 5: Home-schooling Freedoms Help Parents Who Abduct Children

Part 6: A Diverse but United National Network Mobilizes Against Regulations at All Levels

Part 7: Parents Assert Rights

Summary: Home Schooling Series Recap