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Mallory Anne Evans

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Mallory Evans, age 15, was shot to death by her brother, Jacob Evans. Jake also shot and killed their mother, Jami Evans. Mallory had been homeschooled since January 2010, and Jake had been homeschooled since January 2012. Jake was charged with capital murder and is currently awaiting trial. Date: October 4, 2012 Location: Aledo, Texas

Girl by James Monson

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A 16-year-old girl was raped approximately 10 times by her homeschooling teacher, pastor James Monson of Gaining Ground Community Church. Pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, the girl ran away from her home in Texas in December 2011 to live with Monson, a family friend. Monson raped her in the bed they shared; she was afraid to say no. The rapes… Read more »

Miranda Crockett

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10-year-old Miranda Crocket was tied up when she drowned in an ice cold bathtub, the culmination of months of abuse at the hands of her father’s girlfriend. Miranda lived alone with her father, Dan Crockett, until her father’s girlfriend, Chandra Rose, moved in with them with her three children, aged 4, 6, and 11, in the summer of 2012. Miranda… Read more »

Mitch Comer

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Mitch Comer was removed from school after the eighth grade to be homeschooled by his mother and stepfather, Sheila and Paul Comer, who proceeded to imprison in his room and abuse him. On his eighteenth birthday, his parents bought him a one-way bus ticket to Los Angeles, gave him pamphlets for homeless shelters there, and threw away all reminders of… Read more »

Child of Jacole Prince

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On June 22, 2012, child welfare workers responding to a child abuse tip found a child locked in a small closet. At ten years old the girl, called LP in court records and news reports, weighed only 32 pounds. While her younger sister attended school and was well fed, LP was kept home and spent her days in darkness. If… Read more »

2 Children of Paul and Amanda Lavoe

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Paul Lavoe beat his teenage daughter and a teenage relative adopted from Ghana with electrical cords in what one doctor called an “extremely violent assault.” The two girls were enrolled in a virtual school but quickly fell behind in their work because their parents expected them to watch their three younger children while both parents worked each day. The beatings… Read more »

Child of Robert Hohn and Shannon Watterson

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A 12-year-old boy was locked in a bare room for three months by his father, Robert Hohn, and his stepmother, Shannon Watterson. The windows were screwed shut, the door handle was installed backward, and the boy was only let out for small meals and brief bathroom visits. The abuse came to light when the boy managed to escape, ran barefoot… Read more »

Child of Samuel and Diana Franklin

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Diana and Samuel Franklin confined their 15 year old adopted daughter to a chicken coop, required her to wear a shock collar, and restricted her food and water. The girl was adopted in 2007, five years before the abuse was discovered, and was homeschooled. She reported that her long stints in the chicken coop (up to six straight days) and… Read more »

Markea Berry

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16-year-old Markea Berry, who was mentally disabled, weighed only 40 pounds when she was found dead in her mother’s home. Relatives reported that Markea’s mother, Ebony Berry, was abusive toward her when the family had lived in Michigan. The family left Michigan for Georgia to avoid investigation by child protective services. Ebony homeschooled Markea along with her siblings, and systematically… Read more »

Child of Matthew and Amy Sweeney

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An 8 year old adopted son of Matthew and Amy Sweeney ran away from home after yet another beating and sought help from a neighbor. The child had deep bruising across his arms and back that indicated that he received frequent brutal beatings, but was otherwise healthy. The neighbor reported the abuse and he was removed from his adoptive parents’… Read more »