Invisible Children

5 Children of Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.


Jeffrey and Rebecca Trebilcock systematically starved their five adopted children, one boy and four girls, all between the ages of 10 and 13. The abuse came to light when the boy, 13, was admitted to the emergency room too weak to stand. After years of malnutrition and food deprivation, he was the size of a seven year old. The couple’s four biological children, three adult and one minor, were well fed. The couple had rigged the kitchen with alarms so that they would know if their adopted children tried to steal food. There were also allegations of severe and bloody physical abuse. The family lived in Washington state and the couple homeschooled their children. Neighbors expressed shock at the allegations and described the couple as loving Christian parents.

Date: March 1, 2011
Location: West Longview, Washington

Documents: Date:
Washington couple held without bail for allegedly neglecting adopted children 2011-05-19
West Longview couple accused of neglecting, abusing 5 adopted children 2011-05-19
Longview parents post bail after appearing in court on criminal mistreatment charges 2011-05-20
Longview couple accused of abusing adopted children post bail 2011-05-20
Couple accused of starving 5 children released from jail 2011-05-20
Couple accused of neglecting kids appear in court 2011-05-20
Couple face charges of starving adopted children so badly that 13-year-old boy weighed 49lb and was forced to steal dog food 2011-05-24
Washington Couple Accused of Starving Five Children 2011-05-25
Adopted children seized from Longview couple led ‘very isolated’ lives 2011-06-01
Children taken from adoptive parents to attend private school 2011-09-07
Trebilcocks deny mistreating adopted children 2012-01-14
State officials investigating several cases of abuse of adopted children 2012-01-14
Adopted son takes stand on Day 1 of Trebilcock trial 2012-07-16
Trebilcocks’ daughter tells of escape attempt 2012-07-17
Oldest son takes stand in Trebilcock trial 2012-07-18
Child abuse expert testifies at Trebilcock trial 2012-07-20
Expert testimony sheds light on condition of Trebilcocks’ adopted son 2012-07-21
Pediatrician dismisses fetal alcohol syndrome theory during abuse trial 2012-07-23
Defense’s expert witness has different take on Trebilcocks’ son 2012-07-24
Father testifies that malnourished boy could eat all he wanted 2012-07-25
Closing arguments wrap up in Longview child mistreatment trial 2012-07-26
Mother takes the stand as abuse trial testimony concludes 2012-07-26
Dad testifies in Washington child abuse trial, denies he withheld food, neglected adopted son 2012-07-26
Trebilcocks found guilty on 2 counts 2012-07-31
Parents found guilty in Longview starving kids case 2012-07-31
Abused children’s biological brother wants to adopt them 2012-08-10
Trebilcocks sentenced to prison for mistreating children 2012-08-23
Trebilcocks’ adopted children will stay in foster care 2012-09-24
Report links rash of abuse, state adoption policy flaws 2012-10-20