Invisible Children

3 Children of Kenneth H. Brandt

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.


Kenneth H. Brandt pleaded guilty to raping his three sons, ages 9 to 12; two were adopted and the other was in the process of being adopted. Brandt also pleaded guilty to prostituting one of the boys, aged 10, out to two other men. Not long before the sexual abuse was discovered, Brandt had removed the three boys from their school to homeschool them, removing their access to anyone they could ask for help. The abuse was discovered in a sting operation when an undercover detective posing as interested in sex with underage boys and communicated with Brandt online. Brandt had also adopted a girl, but she was not subject to abuse. Brandt was found guilty and sentenced to sixty years in prison.

Date: February 2012
Location: Troy, Ohio

Documents: Date:
Bond set for several men in child sex case 2012-03-01
Man accused of child rape 2012-03-01
Rape case ongoing, Troy man held in recent investigation 2012-03-01
Man used private Dayton adoption agency in alleged child rape, prostitution case 2012-03-01
FBI to pursue charges against 3 men in child sex case 2012-03-01
Accused rapist in process of adopting 4th child in alleged rape, prostitution case 2012-03-01
Ohio investigates adoption agency amid rape case 2012-03-03
Troy man waved right to hearing in child sex case 2012-03-06
Child-rape case shows safeguards failed 2012-03-12
Ohio adoptive dad indicted on 31 counts of rape 2012-03-15
Brandt’s request for new attorney denied 2012-06-11
Brandt’s adoptions not connected with agency violations, director says 2012-09-01
Prosectors seek to allow boy in rape case to testify more privately 2012-10-31
Brandt pleads guilty to six rape charges 2012-11-02
Ohio rebukes agency’s intern use 2012-12-06
60 years for Troy adoptive father, child rapist 2012-12-17
Ohio child rapist: ‘I always wanted to protect kids’ 2013-02-25