Ramie and Timothy Grimmer

Rachelle Dianne Grimmer shot her two children, Ramie, aged 12, and Timothy, aged 10, in the head in a state welfare office to protest being denied food stamps. Grimmer had been on and off of government programs for years, and had for a time lived with her children in a tent on a beach. Grimmer’s mother said her daughter was mentally ill, and that she had tried to get help for her. Grimmer homeschooled her two children.

Date: December 2011
Location: Loredo, Texas

Documents: Date:
Son of Laredo Shooter Dies 2011-12-08
Second Child Shot by Mother in Food-Stamps Stand-off Dies 2011-12-09
Tracing a Mother’s Vagabond Path to Murder and Suicide in Texas 2011-12-10