Invisible Children

Erica Lynn Parsons

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.

Erica Lynn Parsons
Erica Lynn Parsons was reported missing in August 2013, when her 19 year old step-brother went to the authorities to say he had not seen her since late 2011. Erica’s adoptive parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons, claimed that they left her with a biological relative, but their story did not add up and neither Erica nor the biological relative were anywhere to be found. Relatives who knew the family said that the Parsons household was often violent, and that Erica frequently bore suspicious bruises. There was also a previous child abuse case that had been closed. Erica was not reported missing by her school because she was homeschooled from 2005, when she was seven, until her disappearance. When they began homeschooling Erica, Casey and Sandy filed the required North Carolina homeschool paperwork, establishing “Parsons Christian School.” Authorities did not know that Erica did not participate in the required standardized testing in the two years since her disappearance because the state does not check up on homeschools or require them to submit their test scores. As the adoptive parents of a special needs child, Casey and Sandy continued collecting state checks until she was reported missing; they are currently serving prison sentences for fraud. In August 2016, Sandy Parsons told police that Erica was dead and led them to her body, which had been buried in a shallow grave.

Date: August, 2013
Location: Salisbury, North Carolina

Documents: Date:
Rowan Co. Deputies: 15-year-old missing since 2011 2013-08-05
Family members say missing 15-year-old had painful life 2013-08-06
Family fears the worst for missing 15-year-old girl 2013-08-06
Missing teen may have stayed in Asheville 2013-08-07
Police: Missing girl’s parents are being uncooperative 2013-08-07
Investigators: It’s unclear why parents didn’t report girl missing 2013-08-07
FBI and SBI joins in search for missing girl 2013-08-08
Official: Parents of missing teen gave false information 2013-08-08
Relatives of missing Rowan Co. teen questioned by investigators 2013-08-09
Mother of missing girl appeals for her to come forward 2013-08-09
Mom tells some she thinks missing teen is with grandmother 2013-08-09
Warrants say adoptive parents abused Erica Parsons, investigators testing stains for blood 2013-08-09
Investigators search home of missing teen Erica Parsons 2013-08-14
Parsons’ attorney addresses allegations in warrants 2013-08-15
Search warrants paint disturbing picture of Erica Parsons life 2013-08-15
Documents: Adoptive mother told investigators Erica Parsons went to Asheville 2013-08-15
Search for clues continues in case of teen last seen in 2011 2013-08-15
Warrants detail alleged abuse against Erica Parsons 2013-08-15
Affidavits detail troubled relationship, financial questions 2013-08-16
Attorney for Casey and Sandy Parsons addresses court summons 2013-08-16
Search warrants detail history of abuse against Erica Parsons 2013-08-16
Parents of missing teen to face judge over custody of other children 2013-08-16
Juvenile summons issued to Sandy Parsons, adoptive father of missing girl 2013-08-17
How Erica could disappear and no one notice 2013-08-18
Eyewitness News talks one-on-one with Dr. Phil about the Parsons 2013-08-19
Erica Parsons adoptive parents to Dr. Phil: ‘Erica is not missing’ 2013-08-20
Polygraph expert: Sandy Parsons ‘strongly deceptive’ 2013-08-21
Woman who hired Casey Parsons as surrogate speaks out 2013-08-21
Billboards with missing teen Erica Parsons’ image to go up 2013-08-21
Rowan Co. investigators add $10K to reward in Erica Parsons case 2013-08-21
Computer-generated image shows what Erica Parsons may look like 2013-08-21
Editorial: Sandy and Casey Parsons — accountable to no one? 2013-08-21
Hammer, teeth among items seized in new search in Erica Parsons case 2013-08-21
Erica Parsons – Homeschool rules not always enforced 2013-08-22
Parsons family at odds over who should get custody of 2 children 2013-08-22
Hearing on Parsonses’ children closed to public after ‘far too much sensational publicity’ 2013-08-22
Child-custody hearing for Erica Parsons’ family ends 2013-08-22
Dr Phil part two: Lie detector test results on show not good for Erica’s adoptive father 2013-08-22
Search warrants in Parsons’ case reveals possible charges; officials investigating 2013-08-22
Hundreds attend vigil for missing teen Erica Parsons 2013-08-23
‘Nancy Grace’ features Erica Parsons case 2013-08-23
Missing girl’s extended, biological family speaks at vigil 2013-08-23
Erica Parsons’ biological family: ‘There is no Nan’ 2013-08-24
Community members try to find Erica Parsons Sunday 2013-08-25
Education officials never checked on Erica Parsons home-schooling 2013-08-26
Family of Erica Parsons: We just want her home 2013-08-26
Missing teen’s biological mom wants focus on Erica 2013-08-27
Casey and Sandy Parsons are moving 2013-08-27
Hundreds of tips received on Erica Parsons case 2013-08-28
Parsons attorney: Despite leaving home, family not giving up hope 2013-08-28
Relatives say Parsons moving to Fayetteville area 2013-08-28
Casey and Sandy Parsons move from home they shared with missing teen 2013-08-28
Parsons’ parents leave their Rowan County home 2013-08-28
Missing nearly five years, Erica Parsons found buried in rural S.C. 2016-09-29
How Erica Parsons’ body was found: A path paved by years of frustration 2016-10-03