Four Children of M.A.H. and R.J.H.

M.A.H. and R.J.H. were the biological parents of A.J.H., age 10, and the adoptive parents of P.P.H., T.S.H., and N.M.H., ages 8, 7, and 5. They homeschooled all four children. In October 2012, M.A.H. took P.P.H. to the emergency room, concerned that he had vomited blood. Even though he was 8 years old, P.P.H. weighed only 34 pounds, only five pounds more than he had at age 2. The doctors found that P.P.H. exhibited classic signs of malnutrition and starvation. Further tests found brain volume loss and revealed that P.P.H.’s bone age was six years and six months. M.A.H. claimed P.P.H.’s food issues “stemmed from his desire to control situations and to gain attention.” M.A.H. had not taken P.P.H. to the doctor since he had been placed with them at age 2, stating that she did not believe in medical doctors. P.P.H. was transferred to Mayo Clinic, where doctors expressed concern about P.P.H.’s safety in M.A.H.’s custody as there was no sign that he had any medical condition that could have caused his malnutrition. P.P.H. was released to foster care after one month at Mayo. In foster care, P.P.H. exhibited no sign of food issues, and his foster mother said he showed no sign of manipulative or controlling behavior. By January, P.P.H. had gained nearly twenty pounds. Physchologists found that M.A.H. and R.J.H. showed no sign of attachment to P.P.H. but did show empathy for their other three children. A.J.H., T.S.H., and N.M.H. blamed P.P.H. for their temporary stay in foster care, accusing him of lying and stealing. The court terminated M.A.H. and R.J.H.’s parental rights to P.P.H. and found the other three children in need of protection or services.

Date: October 2012
Location: Minnesota

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In Re: The children of M.A.H. and R.J.H., Parentsons allowed to abuse tots, charges state 11/08/2013