Invisible Children

A.S. and L.S. by Wayne Bent

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.

healed travesser wayne bent
Two girls—A.S., age 16, and L.S., a.k.a. Healed Travesser (pictured), age 14—were sexually abused by Wayne Bent, a.k.a. Michael Travesser (pictured). The girls were the children of John and Elsa Sayer, who were members of the Lord Our Righteousness Church or Strong City, a new religious movement led by Bent, who claimed he was the Messiah. The girls were homeschooled.

John Sayer and his family left the church around August 2006 after Bent told him God had ordered him to sleep with seven virgins, including Sayer’s two daughters. The younger girl later returned to Bent’s compound on her own and was removed by social services along with two other children in April 2008. Bent was found guilty of criminal sexual contact of a minor (committed against the older girl) and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Bent was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Date: April 22, 2008
Clayton, New Mexico


Documents: Date:
Sect’s ‘Messiah’ arrested on sex charges 05-06-2008
Sex Charges for Leader of Doomsday Sect 05-06-2008
New Mexico Cult Leader Jailed For Child Molestation 05-07-2008
Sect Leader Who Allegedly Sought Virgins Found Guilty on Sex Charge 12-15-2008
Lord Our Righteousness Church
Shirley Sayer’s statement of support