Jordan Burling, and 1 sibling

Jordan Burling, age 18, died of bronchopneumonia as a result of medical neglect by his mother, Dawn Cranston, his sister Abigail Burling, and his grandmother Denise Cranston. Jordan was homeschooled. The body of Jordan’s infant brother was also found concealed in the home.

When he attended the local elementary school, Jordan had head lice, dental decay, and couldn’t control his bodily functions. He went on to attend Farnley Park High School for a few terms, but then his mother pulled him out of school to homeschool him. Jordan last saw a dentist in 2009 when “16 of his teeth were treated, four of them removed.” Jordan’s father, who did not live with the family, last saw him in December 2015. According to the family members accused of abusing Jordan, about three months before Jordan’s death, he injured his leg and decided he would stop walking. The family members also claim that Jordan refused to see a doctor.

The abuse came to light when Dawn Cranston called paramedics to report Jordan was dying. When the paramedics arrived they found his body riddled with rotting bedsores, the bones exposed, and Jordan weighed only 84 lbs. Jordan’s mother, sister, and grandmother were charged with manslaughter and allowing the death of a vulnerable adult. Dawn Cranston was also charged with concealing the birth of a child.

Date: June 30, 2016
Leeds, England, UK


Documents: Date:
Boy, 18, ‘left to rot to death by his mum, sister and gran – died weighing less than 6st’ 06-07-2018
‘IT’S A BLESSING’ Mum of starving 6st lad, 18, ‘not bothered’ as medics battled in vain to save his life ‘because it gave her the day off’ 06-07-2018
Gran of boy ‘left to rot’ sat and watched as medics did CPR while mum asked “how much is a funeral?” 06-08-2018
Jordan Burling death: Father says son was ‘pale and drawn’ 06-08-2018
Grandmother: ‘Nobody’ responsible for Jordan Burling death 06-12-2018
DECAY DEATH TRIAL Gran ‘told cops teen who rotted to death on living room mattress while wearing nappies was an idiot and stupid’ 06-13-2018

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