Invisible Children

Boy by Nelson Head

Content note: Case narratives include descriptions of severe violence inflicted on children, including abuse and neglect, sexual violence, torture, and murder, as well as mentions of suicide and domestic violence. They also include photos of victims and perpetrators of violence.

A 10-year-old boy, R.,  was physically abused by his mother, L., and sexually abused by Nelson Head, his homeschool teacher and mother’s boyfriend. 

R. was diagnosed with Autism in 2017 at the age of 10 and was removed from school around the same time. Head, who lived with R. and L. at their shared Wichita Falls home, began to homeschool R. When the two were home alone, Head repeatedly sexually abused R., despite R. continually refusing and asking for the abuse to stop . During this period, R. was physically abused by his mother, who either did not know about or did not try to stop Head’s sexual abuse. 


The abuse came to light in September 2017 when Wichita Falls police received a call from R., who said that he was going to wait until his mother fell asleep and kill her with a knife. A police officer took R. to the local campus of North Texas State Hospital for evaluation, where he complained of physical abuse. R. revealed Head’s sexual abuse in the CPS investigation that followed. His mother gave up custody, and Head received two consecutive life sentences. R. testified at Head’s 2021 trial that he has found happiness with a prospective adoptive family. 

Date: September 15, 2017
Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Documents: Date:
$500,000 bond set for man accused of assaulting child 10-17-2017
Bond lowered for man charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child 03-15-2019
Boy testifies against Nelson Head in sexual assault trial
Wichita Falls man convicted of two counts of child rape
Man receives 2 life sentences for aggravated sexual assault of young boy 12-06-2021