Invisible Children

3 Boys by Douglas Myers

Three boys, born in 1983, 1985, and 1986, were sexually abused by Rev. Douglas W. Myers, the minister at Bayside Baptist Church. The boy who was born in 1985 was homeschooled at the church by Myers between seventh and ninth grade (that is, around 1998); it is unknown if the other boys were also homeschooled. […]

Shenna Grimm

Shenna Grimm was 16 in 1998 when her mother and stepfather, Narda and John Goff, inseminated her with a syringe full of John’s sperm. Shenna had been withdrawn from school in fourth grade to be homeschooled, but instead she was forced to work as a servant for the Goffs. John Goff had also repeatedly raped […]

Esther Combs

Esther Combs, originally named Elsa Garcia, was taken from Baptist Children’s Home in Valparaiso, Indiana, by Joseph and Evangeline Combs at 4 months old in 1978. Esther was never actually adopted, although she grew up believing that she had been. Joseph, a Baptist minister, sexually abused Esther and Evangeline beat her with a baseball bat […]

3 Children in North Pole, Alaska

Kenneth Rarick sexually molested three children in North Pole, Alaska, while living with their family as a live-in homeschool teacher from 1997 to 1998. During this time Rarick also taught at a nearby private school run by a charismatic church. Rarick was already a known sex offender after sexually molesting a boy in 1982, but […]