Tag: 2007

Child of Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler

Ardee Verlon Tyler and Penny Sue Tyler adopted five girls from Liberia in 2005. The couple had two older biological children. The second adopted daughter, age 8 when she first arrived in the family and 10 when the… Read More

Children of Earl and Deborah Dinkler

A 13 year old girl and an 11 year old boy were forced by their adoptive parents, Earl and Deborah Dinkler, to run 15 laps around the property before breakfast each day. This had been going on for… Read More

Chrystal Ramirez and Sister

Chrystal Ramirez, 8 years old, died of abuse suffered at the hands of her adoptive parents, Rubin Stephen and Bettie Ramirez. She was beaten with a cane until her brain bled, and was also starved and severely malnourished…. Read More

Child of Dendra Patrick and Reginald Carr

A 12 year old boy was brutally abused at the hands of his mother, Dendra Patrick, 43, and her boyfriend, Reginald Carr, 42. When the police arrived after a tip from a neighbor, they found the boy laying… Read More

Chandler Grafner

Seven year old Chandler Grafner¬†starved to death at the hands of his guardian, Jon Phillips. In a case described as “horrific,” Phillips locked Chandler in a dark linen closet where he died of starvation and dehydration, surrounded by… Read More